Your Trip in the Galapagos – Ecuador

Galápagos Islands captive all visitors and fascinate nature lovers and biologists since the 19th century, such as the well-known scientific Charles Darwin, who was fascinated by this extraordinary and unique abundance of land and sea fauna of the islands. He studed it for years and according his researches, the abundance and the pacifism of typical animals is due to the richness in nutriments of the currents, and the isolation from the humans.

As a result, the Islands became World Natural Heritages in 1978 and Reserve of the Biosphere in 1984. Galapagos national park protects 97 % of the islands.
Imagine yourself being in the middle of marine iguanas, which seem to come straight from prehistory; observing albatross taking off in front of you, playing with sea lions on the sea side, observing these crazies with blue paw dancing in front of their females, being surprised by a penguin flying over your head, swimming with harmless sharks…