Colonial Neighbourhood of Quito : Charm and Tradition.

The modern part of the Capital as few chance to seduce you. Upon your arrival, go directly to the historic center, known also as “Colonial”, entirely recognized as Unesco World Heritage.
With all the Churches and the beautiful facades, it reminds the beginning of this city funded in 1504 by the Spanish on a former Inca city. We chill peacefully in the small streets and between the market stalls.

Mitad del Mundo : The Center of the World.

The “Mitad del Mundo” is a symbolic monument built 20 years ago in the North of Quito ( 9 milles from the city ) at an altitude of 8 150 Feet. It marks the Equatorial Line calculated by the scientist of the 18th century. Interested travelers by the experience would be able to stand between the Earth hemispheres…

Otavolo and its Amazing Market.

This is the most “typical” market of Equateur, you can find there mountains of vegetables and… tons of Bananas sold by Ecuadorians in traditional clothes. The stalls are located under whites arches and in a big main hall. Must see. An opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, would be to join the mercado with the Panamericana, the famous road who cross over the American continent from north to south.

Chimborazo, a Rise to the Top.

The Ecuador is a “volcano” destination, there is no way to miss the Chimborazo, considered like one of the highest top of the world. It’s in 1880 that the the first Occidentals climb it for the first time. It last eruption was more than 10 000 years ago.

Little Hiking in Amazonia.

Other stop : The amazonian forest. Many ways to enter inside, like the Cuyaben Park that can only be visited with locals guides ( because of its proximity with Colombian Forest ). Once in the park, the first camp is at 4 hours by canoe. There you will discover the incredible forest : to the omnipresent vegetation to the dangerous anacondas