Camp at Huaorani Ethic

  • Destination:
  • Duration: 6 days or more
  • Price: from USD $1,275
  • Highlights :

    The « HUAORANIS » or « WAORANIS » have stayed for long in the Amazonian streams and created a living from hunting, fishing, gathering of fruits and plants as nomads without contact from the outside world until 1950’s. Nowadays, they maintain their way of life, essentially traditional living from the tropical forest.
    They speak a unique language and their name « Huaorani » mean «the people», whereas the rest of the world is « Cowore» which mean «non-human» (us). Currently, their population is about 2.500 people and their territory, next to the Yasuni Park is reduce to about 680.000 hectares when in in the past, it measured 1,7 million hectares.


Camp in the Huaorani territory

We propose you, preferably, a 6 days stay (or more, and 5 days on request and according of the number of persons) sleeping in very confortable tents on the riverside, in the forest or in a collective hut in a Huaorani community. The tours, visits and activities are guides and the trips are organized by the Huaorani natives, considered as the greatest scholar of the ecosystem of the flora and Amazonian fauna.



CCamp in the Huaorani territory

Departure day on choice from 4, 3 or 2 persons

Price 2016 in USD of the Camp for 6 days per person in double pavilion or collective cabane (without flights): from USD 1275 

Supplement single pavilion: from USD 200 to confirm



Community activities

  • Visit of the Bahameno community
  • Trip and or visit a family or Huaorani community member and shared moments, meal with them
  • Discover
  • Learning about the fishing techniques, hunt techniques, the Huaranis
  • Knowledge and observation of medical plants, gigantic trees, fruits, insects or small eatable animals and degustation of certain products, typical huaorani plate, Amazonians…



Discover Activities

  • Day and night walks in the primary forest
  • Motorized canoe for transfers, navigation or canoe rowing for observing the life of the forest
  • Bath in the river, fishing and utilization of the blowgun, spear, lianas
  • Possible different species bird watching (Parrots, kingfishers, hoatzins, toucans …) and if possible, a “salting” or wall mineralized clay or come to feed dozens of parrots.
  • Possible animal observation e.g. tapirs, pumas (rare), lazy, wild boar, peccary (difficult), monkeys, turtles, alligators, otters, anacondas, and insects (butterflies, spiders …) amphibians.

This camp includes :

  • Nights in the camp, in comfortable double or single pavilion or comfortable simple in a hat of a family or Huaorani community member
  • Camping equipment (mattresses, sheets, blankets, pillows, towels and ecological toilets depending on the location of the camp
  • All meals, snacks and soft drinks (nonalcoholic)
  • Local Huaorani guides and naturalist Hispanic -English guide
  • Visits, Activities and Excursion all days (according to the indicated activity list)
  • Transfers land and river (motorized canoe) from Coca, in Amazon and for rejoining Bahameno
  • Entrance to the national park Yasuni, to the territory and to the Huaorani communities
  • Rubber boots
  • Fishing equipment


This Camp does not include :

  • The transport in bus or car between Quito and Coca, Amazon
  • The flight Quito-Coca from USD 75 per person
  • The flight Bahameno – Shell (region of Puyo) from USD 200 per person (according to the number of persons and the available capacity of the small airplane (from 3 to 5 passengers)
  • Nights and meals in Coca, Bahameno, Sell (before and after the camp)
  • Poncho for rain and clothing, personal equipment
  • Other visits, activities and services that are not mentioned
  • Bank transfer fees (USD 40 per transfer)


Questions Fréquentes :

  • Security
  • Vaccinations
  • Change
  • Climate
  • Clothes

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