Your trip in Amazonia or in a Cloud Forest – Ecuador

During one of our Tropical trips, you will discover one of the 3 Ecuadorian Amazon regions and/or one Cloud forest and/or one beach of the long and beautiful Pacific Coast (of more than 6 200 miles).

In the Amazon, you have the choice between the Secondary Forest of Tena, Misahualli (3h30 from Quito) or the primary richest jungle of Yasuni park, declared as Biosphere Reserve or the forest of Cuyabeno park (both accessible by plane and canoe), which are appreciated for their flora, fauna and their Indigenous ethnic groups (Kichuwa, Cofan…).
If you prefer share the life of an Indigenous community, we recommend you to style with the shamans, and to take our camp at the Huaoranis’ program or we can offer you a program at a Kichuwa community. We invite you also to enjoy a simple, nature, adventure stay in the cloud forest of Mindo (two hours from Quito), which is a real paradise of birds, butterflies, waterfalls, chocolate and spot of adventure activities etc… Or you can enjoy a stay in a pro-environment and organic botanic farm in Puyo cloud forest (close to Banos and the Amazon of Tena).

As a crowning final of your Ecuadorian trip, you will be able to enjoy a stay at the Pacific Coast. You may either stay in Mompiche in an all-inclusive hotel in the magnificent palm tree Beach of Portete Island, or in Puerto Lopez coast, well known for its whales (from June to September) with its unique beach Los Frailes, and the La Plata Island – a lost Island of the Galapagos Archipelago… And take the opportunity to go at Montanita beach and village, appreciated for its lively nightlife, and well visited by worldwide surfers!